HDPE Structured Wall Pipe

INKULU PLASTIC PIPES has the capacity to manufacture and supply HDPE Structured Wall Pipe ranging from 300mm to 1500mm and ring stiffness of 4kN/m² and 8kN/m². GABYKULU Structured Wall pipe is highly abrasion resistant, tolerant of ground movement and will not corrode or deteriorate in contact with a wide range of substances. These pipes are also characterised by its natural ability to “flex”, which enables them to adjust to different loading conditions, vibrations, stress and soil movements without causing damage to the pipe.

HDPE Structured Wall Pipe represents the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technology. HDPE Structured Wall Pipe is now the front runner in replacing traditional pipe system materials. HDPE Structured Wall Pipe is a light-weight engineered pipe for various gravity and non-pressure applications in the municipal, industrial, road construction, rehabilitation and marine pipeline applications.

Features and Benefits of HDPE Structured Wall Pipe:
– Typically weighs less than 10% of equivalent concrete pipe.
– HDPE has excellent chemical resistance to most industrial and domestic wastes.
– HDPE is five times more abrasion resistant than concrete.
– HDPE has a lifespan of up to 100 years.
– Virtually Leak Proof
– Ease of Installation
– Weld Ability
– Crack-resistant

– Flexible
– Corrosion resistant.
– Lightweight.
– Double-wall.
– Extended life expectancy.
– Cost-effective.
– Easy to install.
– Leak tight.


– Storm Water Management./ Stormwater Attenuation Application / Storm water pipelines.
– Sewerage Pipelines
– Drainage Pipelines
– Culverts
– Pipe rehabilitations
– Landfill drainage/Leachate
– Mine drainage.
– HDPE manholes. / Manhole Drops
– Floats
– Irrigation

GABYKULU Structured Wall Pipes is manufactured in accordance with SANS 21138 and forms part of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

Polyethylene is worldwide recognized by clients and engineering consultants, as the ideal pipe material for many non-pressure applications – from storm water distribution to gravity sewers, rehabilitation projects and manholes.

Jointing Method

The Inkulu Low Pressure Coupling is a rubber lined steel coupling. The Inkulu Low Pressure Coupling is designed as a dedicated simple, cost effective methods of joining large diameter Inkulu Structured Wall Pipe (SWP) for sewer application. For storm water application a sand seal is socket Tt recommended