Welding Equipment

At Inkulu Plastic Pipes we recognise that a pipe system is only as good as its weakest link, the joint. The jointing process used in a pipeline construction is critical to the sustainability of the system.  Inkulu Plastic Pipes supply cutting edge Welding equipment used for a variety of jointing methods.
Butt fusion welding
Butt fusion welding is one of the more common methods used for the joining of pipes. Butt fusion welding is a thermo fusion process which involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two components which are to be joined until a melt state is attained on each contact surface, thereby producing a permanent, economical and flow-efficient connection.

Butt fusion welding advantages:

  • A weld can be made over the whole joint area in a range of section sizes and complex shapes,
  • Butt fusion welding can be used on thermoplastics materials,
  • The process is normally automatic or semiautomatic and process monitoring can provide an indication of weld quality.
Electro-fusion welding

The electrofusion welding system is the jointing process of pipes and/or fittings of the same connection diameter, and is carried out by fusion of the contact surface through an electrical resistance inserted in the electrofusion fitting. Today it is considered the most developed and safe method for realising polyolefin jointing’s. Thanks to its versatility, electrofusion can weld together pipes and/or fittings with different thickness and made with different PO and PVDF materials.

Most Control box complies with specific requirements of electrofusion technology for gas, water, telecommunications and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits regarding electrofusion include:

  • Compact design for confined spaces; working at heights and where access is limited.
  • One machine covering complete range of up to 1200mm.
  • Comprehensive product range (tees, bends, couplers, stub ends, reducer, transition fittings etc.)
  • Barcoding system with on board memory of up to 970 welds and full traceability.
  • Data transfer by USB.
  • Equipment locally serviced and calibrated.